Thursday, 27 May 2010

Members of our Forum ....

Your uncontitional love shows us the way and inspires us, so we would like to say that

1. Whatever doesn't kill us make us stronger

2. 73-38

3. The ball is a whore

P.S Panagiotis sell and go

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

groove re!

When accent is not important, when drum machine works just fine and when someone wants to try and remember Greece with drachmas, then this is the right song...yes:

... keep sending us your emails. Due to workload we may disappoint someone by not replying immediately, yet we promise to produce a deerhoof-like mixtape with fragments of your comments in the near future.

ps. marinaki, pare thn pae na telionoume ...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

3 years of success ..

'More than fish' would like to apologise for not posting too much .. they will be back soon for their fans. They were a bit busy organising the 'More-than-fish-tria-xronia-epityxies-from-yo-la-tengo-to-ca-ri-bou-party' in which they will (amongst other things) pay tribute to the Kokkalis' era with unpublished songs and photos that praise the port of Piraeus and talk directly to the soul. So, see you very soon .. and don't forget .. we love you!