Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More than fish present THE definition of indie ...

indie (plural indies)

  1. any form of popular culture (such as pop music from a group not signed to a major label) from outside the mainstream
  2. a type of rock music, generally soft-style without screaming or aggression, mixed with synthesized music and electronic.
  3. a person with strange appearance and open sexual preferences who uses distortion, pitch bending, digital reverb and obscure lyrics in order to describe innocence, surrealism ,affairs ,drugs and other life related topics.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


Hi dedicated !

Another amazing night at the Soho ***** Terrace yesterday. We would like to thank 2 many djs that supported us .

A lot of things going on lately but most importantly our US tour dates announced.

A DVD from this tour will be launched with exclusive footage from our shows , directed not by Michel Gondry , not by Vincent Moon, not by Spike Jonze , not by Terry Gilliam , but by the only one , and unique and incredible John Streckfous ....

19.10.2010 / US / Seattle / Neumos
20.10.2010 / US / San Francisco / Harriet
22.10.2010 / US / Los Angeles / Paladium
23.10.2010 / US / Denver / Beta
24.10.2010 / US / Boston / Paradise
27.10.2010 / US / Chicago / The Bottom Lounge
28.10.2010 / CA / Montreal / Metropolis / Mutek
29.10.2010 / CA / Toronto / Circa
30.10.2010 / US / New York / Webster Hall

See u out there !

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


More than Fish are playing an exclusive 90 minute dj set at the Hilton***** Soho Sky Terrace for our favorite ambassador !

This will be followed by a live show from the new and upcoming band The Pixies who they will play live their forthcoming single Monkey Gone to Heaven. David Lynch's amazing short film entitled Rabbits will be screened throughout the night.

Entrance is £5 .
Doors open at 9 .

Come and pay you respects !

Don't miss it , because you will miss !

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

song of the summer - a retrospective

we know , we know ... we missed you too...

So to all of you out there who admire tsoukou tsoukou spanish football , to all the little drahma killers , to Voujoukas and Babovic of this world , to the presidential left wings and left wingers , to all of the touloumpas of this world , to all the players that are above 32 , to bobbi eden , to marikas , to diego , to pouroupoupou ( no more other goal like this ), to george orwell , to alekos theofilopoulos , to the one and only one steven gerrard , to an pan , to the sun the sun the sun the sun the sun ... we dedicate ...

THE SONG and THE LYRICS of the summer

You speak in tongues I can't resist
We're driving to your parents house just for a visit and I'm sleeping in your brother's bed
Won't you sneak into my room and climb under the covers talk nonsense in your sleep
Oh (x8)

And I can't wait to let you in
We're driving to your parents house just for a visit and I'm sleeping in your brother's bed
Won't you sneak into my room and climb under the covers talk nonsense in your sleep
Oh (x8)

You've got some charm I must admit
Don't let me wreck myself again
Driving to your parents house just for a visit and I'm sleeping in your brother's bed
Won't you sneak into my room and climb under the covers talk nonsense in your sleep

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A few objective points of a fan

Dear friends,

Now that everything (and I mean everything) is 'green', let us remember what this colour represents in modern times:

a. First of all, green is the colour of those who invited IMF to fuck up the pockets of Greek people.
b. Second, green is the colour of Blanka in street-fighter ... even Dhalsim can knock him out ... easily.
c. Green Day ... no comment
d. The Green Berets ... no comment again
e. Greenpeace is the name of an NGO which is so formulated and safe that it has lost contact with the idea and practice of protest.
f. Green psychologically-wise: check out the last word of the second bullet ... very important point indeed, especially for a fyllada called 'prasinh' = green
g. Green is the colour of the golf-courts ... vazelofavourite
h. Green is the colour of hlepa...
i. In fact, there is one green thing that is good ... the green tea - the point is, however, that it is not really green. If you look inside the cup you will see a yellowish warm liquid.

Now, red is the colour of everything that kicks ass

Thank you very much ... stay tuned, we are nothing without you ...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I have a dream ....

I have a dream that

1. no man should be allowed by law to beat a man that wears green.

2. when a football, basketball, netball and ping pong game is cancelled , the score should be 40-0,( not 2-0 , not 20-0 e.t.c ), so uncle-goumas and batist could say that we beat them with the historical above 35 points.

3. Caribou will guide us to the light.

P.S Fans and groupies, please don't write at a language that we don't understand ... Peace and Friendship

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Members of our Forum ....

Your uncontitional love shows us the way and inspires us, so we would like to say that

1. Whatever doesn't kill us make us stronger

2. 73-38

3. The ball is a whore

P.S Panagiotis sell and go

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

groove re!

When accent is not important, when drum machine works just fine and when someone wants to try and remember Greece with drachmas, then this is the right song...yes:

... keep sending us your emails. Due to workload we may disappoint someone by not replying immediately, yet we promise to produce a deerhoof-like mixtape with fragments of your comments in the near future.

ps. marinaki, pare thn pae na telionoume ...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

3 years of success ..

'More than fish' would like to apologise for not posting too much .. they will be back soon for their fans. They were a bit busy organising the 'More-than-fish-tria-xronia-epityxies-from-yo-la-tengo-to-ca-ri-bou-party' in which they will (amongst other things) pay tribute to the Kokkalis' era with unpublished songs and photos that praise the port of Piraeus and talk directly to the soul. So, see you very soon .. and don't forget .. we love you!