Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I have a dream ....

I have a dream that

1. no man should be allowed by law to beat a man that wears green.

2. when a football, basketball, netball and ping pong game is cancelled , the score should be 40-0,( not 2-0 , not 20-0 e.t.c ), so uncle-goumas and batist could say that we beat them with the historical above 35 points.

3. Caribou will guide us to the light.

P.S Fans and groupies, please don't write at a language that we don't understand ... Peace and Friendship

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mimis said...

i also have a dream that

1.at last olympiakos will manage to win 2 greek championships and be the second team in greece above aris because its still the third one with only 9 of them (aris 10, greens 30 something)

2.to win in the panathinaikos court in the play-offs after 1993 and as many times as he did the last 12 years in ours-wraio to exoxiko kai pali

3.the same one here