Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A few objective points of a fan

Dear friends,

Now that everything (and I mean everything) is 'green', let us remember what this colour represents in modern times:

a. First of all, green is the colour of those who invited IMF to fuck up the pockets of Greek people.
b. Second, green is the colour of Blanka in street-fighter ... even Dhalsim can knock him out ... easily.
c. Green Day ... no comment
d. The Green Berets ... no comment again
e. Greenpeace is the name of an NGO which is so formulated and safe that it has lost contact with the idea and practice of protest.
f. Green psychologically-wise: check out the last word of the second bullet ... very important point indeed, especially for a fyllada called 'prasinh' = green
g. Green is the colour of the golf-courts ... vazelofavourite
h. Green is the colour of hlepa...
i. In fact, there is one green thing that is good ... the green tea - the point is, however, that it is not really green. If you look inside the cup you will see a yellowish warm liquid.

Now, red is the colour of everything that kicks ass

Thank you very much ... stay tuned, we are nothing without you ...


mimis said...

astoxo to post

green=nature,health,vacation,bostonceltics,parks and forests,the queen is dead,celtic f.c,mogwai,oikologoi prasinoi,democracy,watermelon

red=hot chilli peppers,coca cola,usa,blood,violence,turkey,china,russia,countries that communism fail,monarchy,

even the football court is green!

John Streckfous said...

σισέ ή μήτρογλου?

(νομίζω είναι μια καλή ευκαιρία τώρα....νομίζω έ...)

no matter what remember that i love you....

fantasmenios said...

me niko konstantopoulo green is red.

sas tapose i panatha!